Betty, Inc.

1801 South Swanson Street

Philadelphia, PA 19148


Our History
The Early Years

In 1951 Sol Sved, along with his wife Betty, started a small retail store named Sol Sved Discount Groceries. It was at that time that Sol learned about the railroad salvage business. Using rail salvage to source product for his small store, Sol started to learn the ins and outs of the salvage business.

After a few years Sol began more heavily pursuing the salvage and closeout wholesale business while at the same time, continuing to run his retail store as well as operate in many farmers markets in the PA area.

In 1967 Del Monte approached Sol with a request to contract all the salvage from their Swedesboro, NJ distribution center, their second largest distribution center at that time. Soon after, Sol saw his business take off.

Sol continued to grow his business through the 70’s and in 1983 he changed his company name to Sol Sved, Inc. It was during this time that he named his retail stores S&S Foods. A few years later Sol’s two sons joined the business. Stan worked with Sol and eventually, with his father’s help, opened up Stan’s Wholesale. Sol’s other son, Ira, continued on with Sol Sved, Inc. In the mid 80’s Sol passed away leaving his two sons operating separate but similar business.


In the 90’s Ira and Stan joined forces under the name Betty, Inc. Now 20 years later, Betty Inc. is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business with a 65 year history in the salvage and closeout business. Today, Betty, Inc. continues to work with many large brand name manufactures. 65 years later, our goal is still to bring great deals to our many customers.