Our Renewable Energy Commitment  
We are committed to using renewable energy so that we can all enjoy a better tomorrow.
In the Spring of 2011, Betty, Inc. commissioned the installation of one of the largest independently owned solar arrays in the city of Philadelphia. With an already iconic view of downtown Philly, our roof now features nearly 1750 panels, this is really something to see!

Our 400 kilowatt system produces an average of 525 Megawatts of power each year. We now produce more energy than we use. This means that we are one of the most energy efficient buildings in the city of Philadelphia. In 2011, our building was awarded with an Energy Star Certification and in 2012 & 2013, we scored a perfect 100 on our energy star score card.

Betty, Inc.

1801 South Swanson Street

Philadelphia, PA 19148